Galxe OAT Campaigns


Galxe OAT

Galxe OATs (on-chain achievement tokens) are a digital record of all your life's achievements.

You can join 2 ongoing Galxe OAT campaigns by doing easy social tasks.

Steps to Join OAT Campaigns

  1. Note: You can join as many Campaigns as you want!
  2. Visit the Campaign 1 of SNS Mystery Box.
  3. Visit the Campaign 2 of Altlayer.
  4. Visit the Campaign 3 of Sisu Network.
  5. You can also join multiple campaigns of ZETA.
  6. Connect your Wallet.
  7. Complete the required social tasks below "How to Participate".
  8. You will be able to claim your OAT from the same Campaign Page once your data has been synced.
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