Galxe Point Campaigns


Galxe Point

Galxe Point (on-chain achievement point) are a digital record of all your activites.

You can join 6 ongoing Galxe by doing easy social tasks and earn point that can reward protocls tokens in future.

Steps to Join Campaigns

  1. Note: You can join as many Campaigns as you want!
  2. Visit the Campaign 1 of Gasp.
  3. Visit the Campaign 2 of MANTRA.
  4. Visit the Campaign 3 of Bitlayer.
  5. Visit the Campaign 4 of Angelic.
  6. Visit the Campaign 5 of OrderlyNetwork.
  7. Visit the Campaign 6 of IOnet.
  8. Connect your Wallet.
  9. Complete the required social tasks and collect as many points as you can.
  10. Finally claim your Point from the same Campaign Page.
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