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Algofi Airdrop



Algofi is a Decentralized lending platform built on Algorand.

Algofi has launched it's testnet and they have announced that testnet users will be rewarded with their governance token.

Steps to claim Airdrop

  1. Create your MyAlgo Wallet and switch to Testnet.
  2. Visit Algofi Platform and connect your MyAlgo Wallet.
  3. You can watch YouTube Video Tutorial for completing the testnet.
  4. Wait for a popup > Click "Get Algo" > to get test ALGO (Note: Use the faucet 2-3 times to get atleast 20 ALGO).
  5. Click "Fund Storage" and complete 4 transactions.
  6. Now Supply & Withdraw and Lend & Borrow different assets from the Algofi Platform.
  7. After going through all ther steps, you have officially tested the Algofi Platform.
  8. You will be rewarded with their governance token once their mainnet lauches.
  9. 👋 Got Stuck Somewhere? You can ask for help in our Telegram Group.

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