DTTD Airdrop



DTTD (“Dotted”) is the NFT first social wallet designed to make Web3 easily accessible for everyone.

DTTD is airdropping free Dots for downloading app, easy social tasks and inviting friends.

Steps to Join Airdrop

  1. Download the DTTD Android / iOS App.
  2. Open the App and Sign Up.
  3. Click the Profile icon and then Rewards Icon from Top Menu.
  4. Complete Daily tasks to earn EXP and Dots.
  5. Also, get 5, 10, 15 or 99 Dots for each referral.
  6. You will be able to convert Dots into on-chain tokens in Q1 2023.
  7. 👋 Got Stuck Somewhere? You can ask for help in our Telegram Group.

  8. Don't forget to join our Telegram Channel for latest Airdrops and Updates.