FreeAirdrop - Earn Free Crypto Airdrops



Incognito embraces a full-stack approach to decentralized privacy. Every layer of the stack works to deliver a simple, fast and secure end-to-end privacy experience for the new decentralized web.

Incognito is airdropping $10 worth PRV coins for joining up and easy social tasks.Also earn $5 woth of PVR for every referral upto max 5 referral.

Steps to claim Airdrop

  1. Chat with incognito Telegram Bot and click on Start.
  2. Submit your Email address to the Bot
  3. Join their Telegram group and Telegram Channel.
  4. Perform other optional task.
  5. Submit your PVR address by downloading the incognito Android or iOS wallet
  6. You will get total of $10 worth PVR coins.
  7. Earn $5 worth of PVR for every referral upto max. of 5 referral.