LavaNet Expected Airdrop



Lava is a modular data network giving developers scalable access to any rollup or blockchain.

LavaNet has introduced next phase to Mainnet: Magma. Anyone can earn points by changing their wallet’s RPC to Lava and using their wallet as normal.

Steps to Join Airdrop

  1. Visit LavaNet magma page.
  2. Use Invite Code : R3RC3
  3. Connect with Google (Mobile Users can use Kiwi Browser).
  4. Connect Discord and Twitter.
  5. Click on "Get Point", select ETH and copy the Mainnet URL.
  6. Now open your Metamask > 3 Verticle dots > Settings > Networks > Add Network > Add a network manually > Fill details as below
    Network name : Lavanet ETH
    New RPC URL : Mainnet URL from steps 5
    Chain ID : 1
    Currency symbol :ETH
    Block explorer URL :
  7. Use your metmask as normal. We will update community when points gets distrbiuted.
  8. By doing so, there are high expectations (No Guarantee) that you might get eligible for Lava Airdrop in future.
  9. 👋 Got Stuck Somewhere? You can ask for help in our Telegram Group.

  10. Don't forget to join our Telegram Channel for latest Airdrops and Updates.