myshell Airdrop



MyShell is building an AI consumer layer that connects users, creators, and open-source AI researchers.

MyShell Testnet Phase 01 is Live and Testnet users will be awarded with MyShell tokens.

Steps to Join Airdrop

  1. Visit the MyShell App.
  2. Signup with your email account.
  3. Collect Shell points by completing simple tasks in the reward section.
  4. Say "Hello World!" to the bot every day and earn even more points.
  5. Now toggle from classic to web3 option avaible in left bottom of the page.
  6. Visit faucet tab, claim testETH and Shell Token. Testnet tokens might takes few minutes to arrive.
  7. Make some Swap and stake some swapped tokens.
  8. 👋 Got Stuck Somewhere? You can ask for help in our Telegram Group.

  9. Don't forget to join our Telegram Channel for latest Airdrops and Updates.