Sei Sunken Treasure Airdrop



Sei is the first sector-specific Layer 1 blockchain, specialized for trading to give exchanges an unfair advantage.

Sei is airdropping a free "Sei Sunken Treasure" NFT for easy tasks.

Steps to Join Airdrop

  1. Mobile Users can use Coin98 Wallet (Android / iOS).
  2. Open your Wallet and switch to Sei Network (Mobile users).
  3. Claim Test Sei tokens from the ATLANTIC-2 Faucet.
  4. Stake a small amount of your Test Sei tokens here.
    Note: Mobile Users need to open link inside Coin98 Wallet's Bowser.
  5. Create another Wallet and Send Test SEI tokens to that Wallet 25 Times.
  6. Visit the Sei Sunken Treasure Event Page.
  7. Connect your Wallet. Claim Gift (It takes some time to update). And Send it your new Wallet Address.
  8. You will be able to see your NFT in the Gallery Section.
  9. 👋 Got Stuck Somewhere? You can ask for help in our Telegram Group.

  10. Don't forget to join our Telegram Channel for latest Airdrops and Updates.