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ShapeShift Decentralizes Airdrop



ShapeShift is evolving into a community-owned and governed crypto platform.

ShapeShift has Airdropped FOX Tokens to 1 million ShapeShift customers and members of the broader DeFi community.

Steps to claim Airdrop

  1. Visit the ShapeShift FOX Claim Page.
  2. Enter your ETH Address to check if you are eligible.
  3. You can check details of Airdrop eligibility here.
  4. If eligible, you can claim FOX tokens to your wallet.
  5. All addresses have 90 days to claim their Airdropped FOX Tokens.
  6. Also Check : If you joined the Airdrop we posted on May 2019, you would already have 100 FOX Tokens (~$82) in your ShapeShift Account.

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