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TheForce x Defina Giveaway


TheForce x Defina

TheForce.Trade is a a DeFi and NFT Value-Adding Platform.

TheForce.Trade and DefinaFinance are jointly giving away 20 USDT each to 100 lucky winners for easy social tasks.

Steps to Join the Giveaway

  1. Visit the TheForce x Defina Airdrop Post and scroll down to "Airdrop Rules".
  2. Complete the social tasks from the post (Till 7th Rule).
  3. Now Submit your details and BEP20 Address in their Giveaway Form.
  4. 100 lucky winners will get 20 USDT each.
  5. Winnners will be announced on their social channels.

  6. Don't forget to join our Telegram Channel for latest Airdrops and Updates.