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Timeswap Airdrop



Timeswap is the First fully decentralized AMM based money market protocol.

Timeswap has launched it's testnet on Rinkeby and have announced that early users will be duly awarded.

Steps to claim Airdrop

  1. Create your MetaMask Wallet (Video Guide Here).
  2. Switch your network to Rinkeby and get some test ETH from Rinkeby Faucet.
  3. Try to complete both "Lend" and "Borrow" operation from the Testnet Guide.
  4. Note 1 : Mobile users can follow the YouTube Video Here for Lend operation.
  5. Once you do that, make sure you leave a feedback on #testnet-feedback channel on their Discord.
  6. After going through all ther steps from the guide, you have officially tested the Timeswap on Rinkeby testnet!
  7. Note 2: Timeswap has announced that early users will be duly awarded. See Tweet here.
  8. 👋 Got Stuck Somewhere? You can ask for help in our Telegram Group.

  9. Don't forget to join our Telegram Channel for latest Airdrops and Updates.