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xPollinate Expected Airdrop



xPollinate is a Cross-Chain Swap platform by Connext.

xPollinate V2 is live and there are high expectations that early users who use their platform will be duly awarded with it's tokens.

Note: There is just an expectation of getting an Airdrop in future. No Guarantee.

Airdrop 1

  1. Visit the xPollinate Platform.
  2. Connect your Wallet (Mobile Users can open their website inside Trust Wallet or MetaMask's Browser).
  3. Now complete atleast 3 Cross-Chain Swaps (Check Examples here).
  4. You have now officially tested xPollinate and there are high chances that you may get their tokens when it launches.

Airdrop 2

  1. Visit the Li Finance Platform.
  2. Now complete atleast 3 Cross Chain swaps just like you did for xPollinate.
  3. You have now officially tested Li Finance and may get their tokens when it launches.
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