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Futurepia is a blockchain based mainnet designed especially for high traffic DApps. Futurepia has developed a new DDPoS (Dual Delegated Proof of Stake) algorithm (patent approved) which is a considerable improvement over DPoS (EOS) both in terms of scalability and security.

Futurepia is airdropping 1000 SNAC tokens (Stable Token 1SNAC= 1 KRW ) for downloading and sign up on the app and also earn 1000 SNAC tokens for each referral.

Steps to claim Airdrop

  1. Visit the SNAC Download page.
  2. Download the .apk file for Android and install the application.
  3. Open the app and SignUp for a New Account
  4. Use this Referral Code :  3JCTHJ
  5. You will receive 1000 SNAC tokens.
  6. Also earn 1000 SNAC for each referral.