MasterDEX Holders Airdrop



MasterDEX is aim to be the ultimate one-stop DeFi platform, simplifying access to various DeFi services.

MasterDEX is airdropping a total of 51 Million MDEX among holders of LCX tokens in their special Loyalty Package for the LCX Community.

Steps to Join Airdrop

  1. Hold LCX tokens in your non-custodial wallet or on the LCX platform on or before 10/10/2023.
  2. The more you hold LCX, more you get MDEX. If you don't have LCX tokens, you can buy from Exchanges listed here (make sure you transfer to your non-custodial wallet).
  3. The distribution of MDEX tokens will be initiated on 12/12/2023.
  4. On the distribution date, your MDEX tokens will automatically appear in your LCX main wallet.
  5. A total of 51 Million MDEX will be shared among all holders in proportion.
  6. The upcoming airdrop of 51 million MDEX tokens, with a public sale price of $0.22 USD per token, will have a total estimated value of $11,220,000 USD.
  7. Get more details from this Official Post.
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